ZoomProspector :: Find the Right Business Location for Your Company to Grow and Succeed

ZoomProspector :: Find the Right Business Location for Your Company to Grow and Succeed

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Every business decides where to locate. ZoomProspector finds the right location for your company to grow and succeed.

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 longAddressCommunityStateTypeFor SaleFor LeaseMin SizeMax Size
48.9679969-122.711482Portal WayWhatcom CountyWAvacantlandyesno2,336,9942,336,994
48.8938128667093-122.707200050354Grandview Rd and Kickerville RoadWhatcom CountyWAvacantlandyesno210,0032,205,792
48.95314-122.7644714Shintaffer RdWhatcom CountyWAvacantlandyesno1,742,4001,742,400
48.9447713345746-122.505497932434Berthusen Rd and W Main StWhatcom CountyWAvacantlandyesno43,560871,200
48.967123-122.7891479Semiahmoo PkwyWhatcom CountyWAvacantlandyesno854,647854,647
48.9258406-122.726305Blaine RdWhatcom CountyWAvacantlandyesno730,066730,066
48.9177526-122.7359824Alderson RdWhatcom CountyWAvacantlandyesno705,672705,672
48.9258406-122.726305Blaine RdWhatcom CountyWAvacantlandyesno348,480696,960
48.9291776-122.7262501Blaine RdWhatcom CountyWAvacantlandyesno696,960696,960
48.9501108-122.7057871Loomis Trail RdWhatcom CountyWAvacantlandyesno667,339667,339
48.986673916193-122.734130510065Yew StreetWhatcom CountyWAOffice,Industrial: Heavy Mfg,Industrial,Industrialyesno1469,349
48.7831415-122.45748361639 Jills CtWhatcom CountyWAvacantlandyesno108,900326,700
48.783156-122.4575515Jills CtWhatcom CountyWAvacantlandyesno217,800322,779
48.986673916193-122.734130510065Yew StreetWhatcom CountyWAOffice,Industrial: Heavy Mfg,Industrial,Industrialyesyes1306,719
48.790645-122.504854760-824 W Bakerview RdWhatcom CountyWAvacantlandyesno304,920304,920

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